Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Ice Cream Gallery

C says:

One of the reasons we decided on My Choice was because we also wanted to try The Ice Cream Gallery at Valley Point. It sells home-made ice cream with some radical flavours, so we decided to park here, have dinner at My Choice, then check this place out.

They make their own ice cream on-site, and one of their signature flavours is the D24 Durian, which unfortunately is quite apparent the minute you walk into the store. The smell of durian is like cigarettes, I swear. It just gets everywhere.

Anyway, they didn’t have the teh halia flavour that day, but they had Gula Melaka and Red Bean which tasted pretty good based on the sample I tried. I ended up with the Rum and Raisin – the ice cream itself was mediocre but the raisins were really plump and juicy and very much drunken. If only they could pair the ice cream at Swirl with the raisins here… A had the chocolate milkshake – a steal at only $3.50 – which tasted pretty good to me.

I won’t go all the way to Valley Point for the ice cream here, but if we ever feel like My Choice again, or maybe trying the Italian restaurant there (La Forketta), then we may stop by for some ice cream after.

A says:

A good choc milkshake for $3.50 is a pretty good deal. It’s too far off my beaten path to make it worth coming back just for that though. I think the draw of this place is the durian ice cream (ewww!) so if you dig that, then I guess this place is worth a visit.

The Ice Cream Gallery
491 River Valley Road
#01-20 Valley Point
Tel: 6235-0870

20 Eastwood Road
#01-13 Eastwood Centre
Tel: 6246-2926

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Anonymous said...

Don't bother trying La Forketta. It's expensive and way overrated.