Saturday, June 04, 2016

Uncle Ho Tuckshop

C says:

The photo of Anthony Bourdain dining with President Obama in Hanoi has sparked worldwide interest in Bun Cha, the dish that they were having. In Singapore, a recent article featured the few places you can try authentic Hanoi Bun Cha.

One is Uncle Ho Tuckshop, conveniently (for us) located at 100 Pasir Panjang. It's a year old, and specializes in Hanoi dishes. 

The Bun Cha is served with a bowl of dipping broth containing pork balls, grilled pork belly, carrots and pickles. Adding minced garlic and sliced chilli adds depth and flavour to the sweet-sour broth. It's meant to be eaten like soba, with the vermicelli dipped into the broth and slurped.

Hanoi style Pho is also different from the more common southern style from Saigon. The latter is sweeter, whereas the Hanoi style has no sugar, and is cleaner and meatier. I definitely prefer Hanoi style; A prefers the sweeter Saigon style.

It may have taken us a year, and a viral photo of the American president, to even be aware of let alone try Uncle Ho Tuckshop, but we're definitely planning to make up for lost time.

A says:

Having tried the Hanoi style Pho, I think I prefer the southern style, but the Bun Cha rocks. Will definitely be back for it.

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