Saturday, July 18, 2015


C says:

Lollapalooza is Lolla's sister restaurant, serving a constantly changing menu that's designed for sharing. It's best experienced with a group of 4, I think. Enough for each person to have just enough of each dish.

Helps if you're adventurous too, since some of their dishes include sautéed lamb hearts, and a whole veal tongue.

The lamb hearts were so good that we actually ordered a second portion. They were perfectly cooked and still medium rare, so still tender and juicy. 

I liked how they served the veal tongue unapologetically straight up, no slicing or disguising. The outer skin is meant to be discarded, but the meaty inner portion was very tasty; almost like a corned beef brisket. 

The sweetbreads fared a little less well. They were a bit overcooked and therefore a bit dry.

We had 2 perfunctory vegetable dishes - grilled Jap corn with bottargo di muggine, and artichokes with anchovy purée. I quite enjoyed the artichokes, but overall they both felt like fillers. 

The burrata with honeycomb and peaches was really good. Valentino's burrata is still oozier and creamier, but this was still really tasty with the peach and honey.

A roasted quail looked quite boring on the outside, but was stuffed with foie gras and mushrooms, and tasted heavenly. 

The charred tuna collar and grilled Iberico secreto rounded off what I thought was a very satisfying first time visit to Lollapalooza. I like the fact that the menu regularly changes, based on what's available. Keeps it interesting, and makes us want to go back for more. 

A says:

Not exactly cheap. but service and food are very good. 

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