Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Peaspoon's Black Label Chicken Liver Pate

C says:

A's friend passed us a jar of this heavenly stuff, made coincidentally by one of my old schoolmates PP.

The pate is incredibly smooth - don't expect rustic, slightly chunky pate. It's whipped to an almost airy cream-like texture, which makes it very spreadable, and very easy to eat copious amounts thereof.

I detected hints of alcoholic sweetness too, so I'm not sure if some kind of Sauternes reduction was added, since that's a natural accompaniment to foie anyway. A liked the sweet element; I'm personally more of a savoury person and prefer my pate unabashedly liver-y.

This is obviously Peaspoon's signature item, but I think she does make a few interesting-sounding jams as well. If anyone's keen, do check out her Facebook page here.

A says:

Very good. Check it out if you like sweet pate.