Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crab in da Bag

C says:

Atetoomuch’s year is definitely off to a good start! We tried Crab in da Bag the other night and liked it so much that I’m already planning a return visit soon.

Located at Big Splash at East Coast Park, Crab in da Bag, as its name suggests, primarily serves seafood cooked in bags, with your choice of seasonings and other accompaniments like potatoes, sweet corn and bratwurst sausage. Reservations are recommended because they do get pretty crowded, even on a Sunday night when we went. Also, their tables are all quite large, so smaller parties will probably have to share tables.

If you order individual seafood items, each will be cooked in a separate bag with your choice of seasoning and accompaniment. We decided on tiger prawns with sweet corn in garlic butter, flower crabs in their signature Caboodle mix (combination of local and Louisiana spices with butter and garlic), and squid with their Ultimate Curry mix.

They’re really not shy with their seasonings. All of them packed a big flavour punch in different ways. The seafood was all very well cooked, and with the nutcrackers and scissors provided, not that difficult to get at. Having said that, I think we’ll try the King Crab legs the next time. They looked huge and very meaty.

They also do a Caboodle Boil for a larger group of 4-5, with a selection of seafood all boiled in one bag, which you then eat with a selection of sauces/dips. I actually think it’s still better to order the seafood separately – that way, you get a wider selection of seasonings, plus I’m sure it still tastes better to have the seafood actually cooked with the seasoning, rather than boiled and dipped into sauces.

This is definitely not a first date place – you’re given bibs and are just expected to dive into the seafood with your hands. And trust me, things will get messy. I love it though. It’s refreshing knowing that everyone is being just as barbaric as you are.

It’s also a very difference experience from Naked Finn, which serves high-end seafood varieties and their preparations are simple, to highlight the seafood. Here, it’s all about the seasoning, because I think while the seafood is good and pretty fresh, it certainly isn't artisanally sourced or anything. It’s just a straight-up good, fun seafood meal.

A says:

All da seasonings were great. Next time, I'll get a side of bread to soak it up, especially all da garlic bits. Da service is slow but they are very friendly and helpful.

If I had to find something to complain about, it would probably be that there's no cheap non-alcoholic beverage option. I guess they have to make money somewhere, though you'd think they'd have saved on cutlery costs by having no plates.

Crab in da Bag
Block D Unit #01-25
902 East Coast Parkway, Big Splash
Tel: 6440-0083
Opening hours: 4 pm - 11 pm
Closed Mondays

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