Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Owl Cafe

C says:

Homegrown coffee company Owl, a subsidiary of the Super coffee group, has opened a cafe in Star Vista showcasing their coffee and tea beverages, as well as Straits-Asian fare with (at times) a modern twist.

Their menu consists of typical local cafe food like kaya toast and mee siam, as well as slightly more interesting offerings. Think laksa spaghetti with tiger prawns, or soft shell crab with nasi kuning. We tried the soft shell chilli crab spaghetti, which surprisingly packed quite a spicy punch.

The assam chicken wings were pretty messy, but very tasty. The still-tender wings were smothered in a thick, almost rendang-like sauce, which was again (pleasantly) spicier than I expected.

Because we ordered the wings to share, I decided on a lighter main – their bakwan kepiting (pork and crabmeat ball) soup. I like that you have the option to have this with rice, macaroni or tung hoon. I chose tung hoon, of course, and it was a very pleasant counterpoint to the other dishes that we had.
One of their signature drinks is the kopi luwak – civet cat coffee, but at $18.90 we decided to pass. We did try their charcoal roasted coffee ($8.90), which comes with their coffee caviar (little coffee-flavoured pearls in gula melaka syrup). It was a decent enough cup of coffee but certainly not worth $8.90. I reckon their regular gula melaka coffee would be more than good enough.

A says:

The food's about the same standard as PappaRich but the coffee is way better. The question for me is how the kaya toast tastes. Will update once we try. And we'll definitely be back at least once more.

Update: The regular coffee is decent, the regular kaya toast is great, but the portion is small, and the chocolate banana toast is horrible because the banana tastes like rubber, and the ice cream is tainted from being stored with the durian.

Owl Cafe
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-10 & 11, Star Vista
Tel: 6694-3537

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