Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tanuki again

C says:

We went to Tanuki again with A’s friends, this time not for Happy Hour so no $1 oysters. Instead, we took the opportunity to sample more of their menu and found a few more gems, as well as a few duds.

Tanuki’s version of spam nigiri sushi is, in my opinion, better than the one at Maison Ikkoku, simply because of the spam/rice ratio. This may not be for everyone, but I love spam, so I heartily approve.
Interestingly, while the spam in the sushi was good, it was the least successful component in the Trio of Fries, which comprises truffle fries, lotus chips and spam fries. The truffles fries were pretty good, as were the wafer-thin lotus chips, but the spam had been cut into tiny matchstick-sized slivers so they were dry and hard; not how I like my spam fries.

The fish tacos were surprisingly good. Granted, I’m not a big taco/Mexican food fan, but these were really nice and light, and the combination of the crispy fried fish, avocado and jalapenos was perfect.

Again, the Tanuki rolls were decent but not outstanding. We had the Rockstar – seared salmon, cheese and mentaiko, and the ASC – asparagus with salmon and cheese. I preferred the ASC as the asparagus provided a nice crunch.

The Steak Tartare Don was a downright disappointment. It looked really good, with the quail’s egg yolk in the centre, and the tartare hand-diced rather than minced into a goopy mess, but it had absolutely no flavour at all. The tartare was un (not even under) seasoned, and the meat itself simply had no beefy flavour whatsoever.
The $1 oysters are still one of the best things on the menu, and given that non-Happy Hour oysters are $62 per dozen (granted, they’re allegedly a different quality from the Happy Hour oysters), I can't bring myself to come here any other time.

A says:

Avoid the bland beef dishes. Stick with the seafood dishes and you won't be disappointed.

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