Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Squirrel Bites

C says:

This tiny little unit in Vivocity, next to HK Kim Gary, sells, at first glance, deep fried flat bread with either sweet or savoury toppings. I perhaps unfairly dismissed them as an unhealthy waste of calories, but A was keen to try it so we ordered one - the chocolate, banana and coconut one.

I stand corrected. I may not have this regularly because I still think it's pretty unhealthy, but I have to admit that it was pretty tasty. The dough turned out to be really light and fluffy, almost like a donut. It's dusted with cinnamon sugar before your chosen toppings are added.

Each one is prepared to order, so you do have to wait a while; we had to and there wasn't even much of a queue.

A says:

Surprisingly good. It definitely tastes better than it looks. I definitely wouldn't mind having another one sometime.


Jer Lin said...

they sound like canadian beavertails!

robin said...

Yes... These are DEFINITELY beaver tails!

atetoomuch said...

Thanks for the tips, I had no idea! Learn something new every day.

Luke Solis said...

This was lovelyy to read