Thursday, December 27, 2012

More from Papparich

C says:

We went back to Papparich pretty soon to try more of their local delights. We have mixed feelings about some of them, but overall we're still pretty impressed.

The nasi lemak came with a laundry list of ingredients - fried chicken, beef rendang, sambal squid, okra, potato and egg. Out of those, the chicken, okra and curry potato were very good. The beef was tasty but unfortunately quite dry and tough, and the squid was passable.

What looked like a fairly small portion of chicken wings on the menu turned out to be a huge portion of 6 full wings. These were surprisingly delicious, like a very light version of KFC. The wings were lightly floured, just to make the skin crisp, and perfectly cooked - really tender and juicy. We had to take some home, and they were just as good after being reheated in the toaster oven.

I was a little disappointed that despite the many variations of kaya toast they have - steamed, toasted, with butter, with margarine - they didn't have one with thin slices of toast, only the thick sort. I ended up splitting them down the middle and putting the kaya and butter inside. This was still delicious, and do note that you can ask the waiters for extra butter and kaya (at no extra charge).

I'll let A give you his rant about the coffee here.

A says:

The coffee sucks. It tastes like 3-in-1 instant coffee (very good instant coffee, but still, instant coffee, ewwww). Food-wise, I would skip the bland rendang and stick with the curry.

So the question is: Is the great kaya toast enough to win over the bad coffee? Hmmm...

1 Vista Exchange Green 
#01-43 The Star Vista 
Tel: 6684-3373 
Opening hours:10 am to 10 pm daily


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