Friday, August 03, 2012

Non-burger offerings at Fatboys

C says:

On a grim, rainy Friday night after a long day at work, A's idea of comfort food is diner fare, namely country fried steak. Luckily he wasn't too discerning, so we headed to the Fatboys near home to satiate his craving.

Nothing fancy, the country fried steak here was crispy, well-seasoned (almost on the verge of being too salty) and smothered with gravy. The accompanying coleslaw and mashed potato were pretty good too.

They were out of the fried chicken and waffles that I wanted, so I had the chicken mac and cheese instead. This turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Simple macaroni tossed in a cheddar cheese sauce topped with bacon and grilled chicken, this was good purely because it wasn't overly fussy. The macaroni didn't need any more sauce or seasoning besides the cheese and bacon, and the chicken was very tender and tasty.

A wasn't particularly impressed with the chocolate milkshake here the last time, so he tried the vanilla instead, and again was pleasantly surprised. The vanilla had a lot more body, without any artificial flavours.

Very pleased with their non-burger options, and hankering for their fried chicken and waffles next.

A says:

Great service. And the chicken mac & cheese was a surprise find. The country fried steak was average, but considering how hard it is to find a country fried steak here, I’ll take what I can get. Oh, and the vanilla milkshake was much, much better than the chocolate one.

Fatboys (Pasir Panjang)
122 Pasir Panjang Road
Tel: 6471-3224
Mon to Thurs: 12 noon to 10 pm
Fri to Sun: 12 noon to 12 midnight

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