Friday, July 27, 2012

More from SPR MRKT

C says:

We've since been back to SPR MRKT a couple more times to try more of their offerings. This is a bit of a moot review though, since they've changed the menu, and some of my favourites didn't survive the switch *wail*. 

On a Monday, we tried their creamless mushroom soup, which as its name suggests isn't thickened with cream so it's actually pretty healthy. You barely notice the lack of cream - it's so flavourful and moreish. One good thing you do notice about the absence of cream is that it does make the soup less heavy and cloying.

The sandwich was a cured beef with mustard sauce. Again we had a choice of baguette or croissant, and this time we thought baguette would go better. The beef was excellent, but I personally find baguettes a bit hard to eat, so this was no exception.

The beef lasagne is an extremely hearty portion, and for the first time we found this less than stellar. It was a bit too dense and heavy for our liking, and after it we were too full for dessert.

We finally tried their carbonara, and I'm happy to report that I think my carbonara search is over. It was excellent - exactly what I think carbonara should be. Good flavourful bacon, and an eggy, not overly creamy or heavy sauce. Thankfully, this has survived the menu revamp. *Phew*

I guess this is our last post on the old menu. We'll do an update after we've had a chance to try some of the items from the new menu.

A says:

I finally had a dish at SPR MRKT I don’t like. The lasagna isn’t bad, but it was super filling. So filling that I couldn’t have my usual dessert. Boo hoo.

2 McCallum Street
Tel: 6221-2105
Mondays to Fridays: 8am — 9pm
Saturdays: 9am — 4pm (Brunch)

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