Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

C says:

We finally made our way to Kazu again today. We opted for their earlier sitting of 6 pm, hoping to avoid the chaos that usually is associated with the later sitting. Things went well on the whole, but the waitress who took our order still somehow managed to miss out some of our orders, leaving us waiting almost 20 minutes mid-meal before checking with them on the progress and finding out that the outstanding items weren't even on our order.

The angler fish liver that we tried last time wasn't in season, but they had a shirako (cod sperm) with ponzu so we tried that. It was surprisingly done agadashi style, which disguised the subtlety of the shirako somewhat, and not in a good way. The trademark flavour and texture were almost all lost, and it seemed almost like a creamy tofu.

Another seasonal item was the lightly charred sweetcorn. Sweet is right; this was served practically raw, with a bit of salt to enhance the flavour of the corn. I don't even think it needed the salt. The corn was ridiculously sweet, a classic example of the produce speaking for itself.

The lamb chops were superb, and I would recommend asking for medium rare, because it does continue cooking slightly while you wait for it too cool down enough to pick it up and bite into it. The lamb had just the right amount of fat, was super tender and flavourful, and cooked perfectly.

Other standouts were the mini burger, in the top right of the photo, and the pork jaw with apple skewer. The burger was actually just the patty, and was remarkably light inside while still having a lovely crust outside. 

The pork and apple skewer was amazing. The pork jaw had a very interesting texture - it seemed quite firm but the fat kicks in when you bite into it, so you get texture and lots of flavour, but without being excessively greasy. Slices of apple were interspersed between the meat, and it was also slathered with apple sauce. 

The pork belly skewers were good too but not as good as the pork and apple ones. The chicken hearts were fantastic, but the liver was a bit overdone and dry. We also tried 3 different types of tsukune - chicken, garlic pork and wagyu beef. I think I liked the pork one best; it had the most distinctive flavour.

Desserts were wonderful. I had my burnt caramel ice cream which was awesome, and A tried their Yaki Crepe, which was a grilled crepe with banana ice cream. The crepe had been torched and the resulting flavour was almost slightly savoury, and paired very well with the banana ice cream.

We've satisfied our Kazu yearning for a while. Eating here, whilst always satisfying, doesn't come cheap, and coupled with the slight palaver of parking in this part of town and the somewhat inconsistent service, we'll be back but perhaps not for some time.

A says:

Great, but not exactly cheap. The desserts were a surprising discovery though. Definitely a place for revisits.

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6734-2492

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