Saturday, May 09, 2009

Skinny Pizza

C says:

Skinny Pizza has its own outlet at Suntec City, but it’s also available at Barracks/House at lunchtime. Inspired by tissue pratas, these pizzas aren’t really your typical Italian pizzas. No tomato sauce, hardly any cheese and paper-thin crusts, these are more like giant crackers topped with salads.

We had the wild truffled mushroom pizza, which comes with shaved parmesan cheese and lots of rocket salad. This was quite tasty and because it was so light, felt quite healthy too. They’re pretty generous with the topping, but they must be subtly cutting back in other areas cos there was barely a hint of truffle.

It was even worse with the truffle fries that the accompanied the American Sliders we ordered. I’ve always been a fan of the truffle fries here, but after not being here for quite a few months, they were very underwhelming. Previously you could smell the aroma of the truffle oil as the plate approached, but today I had to eat about 5 fries before I could detect a faint trace of it.

We shared the churros as well, which pretty much undid any element of healthiness that the skinny pizza may have offered. Deep fried dough sprinkled with icing sugar, and dipped in a combination of chocolate and condensed milk. So much for our post-holiday diet.

A says:

Some friends have told me that they’ve had bad service here, but we’ve always been treated very well.

Food-wise, the skinny pizza wasn’t really my thing although I think I’ll try another topping before I make my final call. The churros were good but also didn’t blow me away.

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Evelyn said...

Perhaps you should give the squid ink skinny a try! I absolutely love the savoury squid ink 'tomato paste' on it :)