Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tian Mi Mi

C says:

S’s husband KH has opened a dessert cafe recently, and since we were in the East on Sunday we popped by to check it out. It’s called Tian Mi Mi, and it’s modelled after an old-fashioned cafe, from the marble-topped round tables and wooden stools to the traditional desserts that mother/grandmother used to make. Indeed, the recipes for the desserts were all tested and perfected by none other than KH’s mom herself.

We’d already had lunch when we went there, so we could only manage to try 2 desserts – the mango pomelo sago, and on S’s recommendation, the baked baby coconut with ice cream. They certainly didn’t stint on the mango for the mango pomelo dessert. There was fresh mango puree as well as cubes of mango, along with very fresh segments of pomelo. I like that there wasn’t too much shaved ice too – I hate massive amounts of ice because I have to wait till it melts or risk getting brain freeze.

I really like the baked baby coconut, but I’m not sure if it was too subtle for A. It came with a glass and I was wondering why they gave A ice water but not me. Then we realised that it was coconut water! It was coconut ice cream, some kind of coconut jelly-like threads which tasted like nonya kueh, all within the coconut shell. The thin coconut flesh is still intact so you can also scrape that up and eat it too.

Besides the 2 that we tried, there are lots of other enticing desserts like tang yuan in ginger soup, milk custards, orh nee and white fungus soup. They also have a few porridges – chicken, century egg and pork, so next time we’ll come for a porridge and try a couple more desserts. I definitely want to try the tang yuan next and I think A is eyeing the milk custard.

The shop is open till midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday it stays open till 2 am. The best part is while the shop is along bustling East Coast Road, there’s also indoor seating in airconditioned comfort.

A says:

Parking in the east is horrible. Grrrrr...

Anyway, the coconut ice cream is pretty interesting so I’d recommend giving it a try. The ice cream flavour is a bit subtle for my tastes though. I think I’ll try the ah balling or milk custard next time.

Tian Mi Mi Desserts
376 East Coast Road
Tel: 6346-0046
Sunday – Thursday: 11 am to midnight
Friday – Saturday: 11 am to 2 am


Anonymous said...

Katong had always had a large Peranakan, Eurasian and other races. We welcome foreign workers. If your Chinese order taker choose to work in the service sector, please advise her to respect other races by learning English, the working language in Singapore. She replies all questions in Chinese (which can be quite insulting to someone of another race)and does not even say "Thank You" in English! This is a just thoughtful suggestion. Nothing against her personally at all. I wish her well.

However, despite her, I will still come to your shop. I like your dessert!!

Anonymous said...

I love the desserts at Tian Mi Mi but they have closed down or relocated somewhere, no longer at East Coast! If somebody knows their whereabouts, pls email me at Thanks!