Saturday, December 27, 2008

New offerings from Relish

C says:

This is our first visit to Relish since they revamped their menu. Instead of risking losing their loyal burger fans, they’ve cleverly decided to add to their menu, rather than give it a complete overhaul and remove some old favourites. Apparently the reason behind the revamp is to attract more diners by giving them more variety, both in terms of menu choices and on the wallet.

Firstly, they’ve added a number of non-burger options, like 4 new pastas and a fish dish, with the reasoning that if just one diner out of a group of 8 didn’t want a burger, they may lose the entire group of 8 as potential customers. Secondly, for diners who are smaller eaters or who may be watching their spending in these leaner times, all their burgers now come in 2 sizes – the regular 180g patty for about $18, and a smaller 150g patty for about $15.

They’ve also included the parmesan wings with gorgonzola and sweet chilli dips, from their Wild Oats bar. I remember not being terribly impressed by these the last time, but I can’t NOT order something that has both “wings” and “gorgonzola”. Sure enough, these had a bit too much crust for me, but they were still pretty juicy and the gorgonzola dip rocks. They also gave us a bowl of onion rings on the house. I would’ve liked to think it’s because we’re atetoomuch (har har), but alas it came before I whipped out the camera, so most likely it’s because we were there with R and P, who are die-hard regulars there.

R had a 150g Ramlee, and A and I shared the 180g Ramlee. To be honest, it didn’t seem like a huge difference so it may be worthwhile ordering the smaller one. I had one of the pastas – the spicy conpoy and hae bee (dried prawn) spaghetti with baby scallops. The spaghetti was more like angel hair pasta, and this was very Asian indeed. Imagine a mixture of sambal hae bee and XO sauce. Very interesting and quite tasty, but because it’s so full of flavour, I’d recommend sharing this with someone, otherwise it could get a little overwhelming.

They’ve got a couple of new desserts too, which is a welcome breath of fresh air if you don't want to keep having either the pandan panna cotta or the strawberry cheesecake. They have an oreo cheesecake now, as well as the Popcorn Sundae which we tried. Unlike the panna cotta and the strawberry cheesecake which are pretty small portions, the popcorn sundae is huge. 3 scoops of sweet corn ice cream, blueberry sauce and topped with caramelised popcorn. Surprisingly this really works. The old-school sweet corn ice cream actually goes really well with blueberry; who would’ve thought.

I also had a look at Relish’s weekend brunch menu and there are loads of yummy offerings too. We figured it was a bit overkill to go again the next morning, but we’ll definitely try it out soon.

A says:

This place is pretty good when it isn’t packed. I think if we’re really hungry, we can share two 150g burgers and a pasta. And yes, I can’t really see a difference between the 150g and the 180g.

501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01 Cluny Court
Tel: 6763-1547
Mon - Fri: Noon to 3 pm, 6 pm to 11 pm
Sat and Sun: Noon to 11 pm

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*Harris said...

Heya, been food-blog surfing and came upon your blog, nice pictures!

Relish looks really good, I've been wanting to visit the place for a very long time.

What's the popcorn sundae really about? It does look very inviting haha.