Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sakuraya Fish Market

C says:

When A used to live right around the corner, Sakuraya Fish Market at The Village Center at Pasir Panjang was just a tiny little unit on the ground floor. Back then it was primarily a fish market/Japanese minimart and we didn't patronise it all that much. Recently S recommended it to me, raving about how cheap it was for relatively good quality sashimi. You can imagine our surprise on Saturday night when we went there, to discover that they’d moved to the second floor, and expanded exponentially. It was also packed, and they don’t take reservations, so you just have to go there and try your luck.

It’s primarily still a fish market, but they’ve cleverly added some sushi, maki and grilled items to the menu as well. For the sashimi, you basically head to the counter, pick out the pieces of fish that you want, tell them your table number, and they slice it up for you.

We went there with W and M, and had an assortment of salmon, tuna, sea bream, swordfish and squid. We had it with vinegared rice to make our own chirashi sushi, and ordered a few other things to share, like the mentai maki and grilled sanma.

The sashimi was great. I’m not the most discerning of fish eaters so this suited me just fine. Everything was fresh, and in particular I loved the swordfish. S is right – prices are really reasonable. We had so much sashimi, the maki, the grilled fish, a handroll, a fish soup and rice, and it only came up to $45 per couple!

The maki wasn’t outstanding, but I’m definitely coming back (and soon) for more sashimi. We got there lateish so there was a limited variety of fish left. I can imagine that when you go early on fish delivery days, you can pretty much go wild on a very decent budget.

Service is a tad erratic – there was a rather grumpy lady who took our order, but some of the younger waiters were very attentive, and one of them even overheard W mentioning that we needed spare bowls, and before she could ask for them, he said “Yes I heard you” and promptly brought them to us. I’m definitely planning my next visit really soon.

A says:

I wouldn’t call this the top sushi/sashimi place in Singapore but it probably does offer the best value for money.

What really surprised me though was the service. One waiter in particular was really good.

Parking is a bit of a problem but I think we’ll definitely be back soon.

Sakuraya Fish Market
3 South Buona Vista Road
#02-01/08 The Village Centre
Tel: 6773-6973
Open daily: 11 am to 9 pm


Anonymous said...

Yeah it definitely isn't the top place for quality. I'd go to Tatsuya anytime. But for price... it rocks! You have to go early on Friday. I went back the following week on a late Friday morning and ate sashimi and grilled a catch of the day. We had one Ebiten roll just to have some carbe but I agree the maki and sushi rice ain't great. U have to go when they have Otoro... drool...

atetoomuch said...

S, when you say early on Friday, how early do you mean? Like early dinner or late morning, as you said? If the latter, oy have to work la... ;p

Anonymous said...

Oh I meant like 12 noon on a Friday. haha...

julie said...

oh you musn't ignore allanbakes just across sakuraya!they've got excellent cheesecakes. i like their white chocolate strawberry cheesecake best.

Anonymous said...

phew.. you should go to the sakuraya japanese restaurant at anchorpoint. They are at a corner unit next to a 7-ll. but if you decide to eat you should go early or go late because parking at anchor point can be a bitch.