Friday, April 18, 2008


C says:

My goodness, Raffles City is an absolute madhouse on a Friday night. There were queues everywhere, starting from the car park, to almost every single eating establishment. The line for the fairly new Marche-esque Japanese food court was at least 30-people strong, as was the queue for the new donut place – J.Co. In contrast, there was barely a line at Donut Factory, which just proves that Singaporeans have short attention spans, and are ever-ready to blindly follow the next big food trend.

We decided to go for something quite light, at the place with the shortest queue. This turned out to be Aerin’s, a little restaurant café tucked away in the basement adjacent to the fountain. I think this place is the less upmarket sibling of Whitebait and Kale over at Camden Medical Centre.

A ordered the Aerin’s tagliatelle, with cream sauce, smoked salmon and mushrooms. I thought this tasted ok – pretty much like how you would expect it to taste, given the ingredients, but A found it a bit too ordinary. He thought the pasta was too hard but I found it actually perfectly cooked.

I ordered the cod with pasta in a light Japanese soy broth with pea shoots. Unfortunately, two things marred my dining experience. (1) The waiter brought the food and, in his blurness, sloshed the sauce all over my lap. Lucky for him that my bag was on my lap, AND that I don’t carry posh bags. (2) While the cod was alright, the capellini was horribly overcooked – there wasn’t even any bite or texture to it.

We ordered their signature dessert to share – the baked apple and rhubarb pie. I had it once before, ages ago, and had forgotten quite how large the portion was. I must say it was pretty good, but while the top layers of puff pastry were lovely and crispy, the layers underneath were underbaked.

Well, I can’t say that I won’t ever come back here, because if we’re at Raffles City again and everywhere else is packed, we may find ourselves here again. It just won’t exactly be our first choice.

A says:

It was very ordinary. I guess I expected more.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6337-2231
Open daily: 11.30 am to 10 pm

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