Thursday, March 06, 2008

Golden Pillow 933

C says:

As the name suggests, this place specialises in a curry bread bowl that looks (and feels, almost) like a soft pillow. It’s quite innovative in the sense that to avoid the curry gravy from seeping into the bread and turning it into a soggy mess, waxed paper is placed inside the bread bowl first, so that you can tear away at the bread and dunk it in the curry. Utensils are strictly not very necessary (except to actually eat the chicken), so this is a good picnic option.

My first experience trying to order from here was over 5 years ago and it wasn’t very positive – they never delivered my order to a friend’s party and when I called to rail at them, they claimed that they had delivered it the day before. I vowed never to patronise them again, but I think a 5-year grudge is more than enough to make a statement…

I decided to give them a try again on Thursday night, and ordered some food to be delivered to my folks’ place since my uncle and aunt were joining us for dinner. Delivery is free for orders over S$30, so I ended up ordering 3 dishes – the chicken curry pillow, gailan with oyster sauce, and a sang choy bao (lettuce rolls with a chicken, prawn and turnip filling that you roll yourself).

Initially it didn’t bode very well. I called on Wednesday to place the order for the next day, and ten minutes after I put down the phone, they called me asking if they could deliver earlier because it was raining. I said “Hello??!! My order is for tomorrow!!!” They checked and said “Oh yes yes, ok tomorrow”. Eep! I called again on Thursday afternoon just to make sure, but I was only able to heave a sigh of relief when I got the SMS from my dad that the food had arrived – right on time so no complaints in the end.

Apart from being a novel idea, the golden pillow itself isn’t half bad. The bread got a big thumbs up from everyone – it was very soft and slightly sweet, just like KFC’s bread rolls from days gone by. The curry was ok but not fantastic, given that I’m quite particular about what constitutes a good chicken curry.

The gailan was very good – very fresh and green, considering that we only ate it about 2 hours after it was delivered. The sang choy bao was a little bland, and needed some of my grandma’s belacan to spice it up. It wasn’t bad but I don’t think it was worth $12, given that the golden pillow was the same price for something much more substantial.

Well, I think I’ve more or less overcome my phobia of their unreliability. While I won’t be ordering from them on a regular basis, it’s always nice to know that they’re a pretty reasonable and convenient option.

A says:

The bread was surprisingly good. Curry was not bad, but the whole thing is more gimmicky than anything.

Golden Pillow 933
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