Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mad Jack’s

C says:

We tried Mad Jack’s, between Serene Centre and Crown Centre, on Saturday night. Apparently they do a good and authentic Fish N Chips, but neither A nor I felt like fish and chips, so I had a grilled chicken chop with cream sauce, and A had the lamb chop.

The food wasn’t all that good. My chicken was alright, typical food court-style Western chicken chop with a pretty good cream sauce, but A’s lamb was a little tough and VERY strong in lamb flavour. In fact, we wouldn’t have bothered posting about it if not for…

DESSERT. We had their homemade Chocolate Delight cake with vanilla ice cream. If you come here, remember – they make the Chocolate Delight themselves, whereas the Chocolate Fudge cake is bought from a supplier. The cake was wonderful – typical old fashioned chocolate fudge cake that puts Lana cake to shame. It had a thick chocolately fudge layer on top and in the centre, and the chocolate sponge was really moist.

Next time we’ll probably go next door to Renaldo’s for food, and just have the cake at Mad Jack’s for dessert.

A says:

The place reminds me of the joints run by college students overseas. The young staff don’t strike me as super competent except for the Chinese dude with long hair. Maybe they were just tired from the long operating hours. One big plus is the Xbox for patrons to play with.

Food-wise, you can’t expect too much for the price you pay, but I think it’s the same standard as cheaper kopitiam Western stalls. The sides are much better, such as with the rocking fries, buttery mashed potatoes and fresh veggies. Still not worth the price unless you’re having the cheap burger.

The desserts (and my iced coffee) were really good and value for money though. The cake was way better than it looked and well worth it. Too bad they use Movenpick ice cream instead of Haagen Daaz. I likea the Haagen Daaz.

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Anonymous said...

This place is terrible! Steaks were badly cooked. The service was bad too.