Thursday, June 15, 2006

Piper's Pies

C says:

Apologies to our loyal readers out there (yes, all 3 of you...) for the radio silence of late. A was in the army for the last 2 weeks so we haven't had much opportunity, nor been in the mood, to eat out much.

Thankfully the ordeal is over for another year, and we've got a number of dinners planned for the next couple of weekends, so we should get back into the swing of things, posting-wise!

Quick one as a return post - we tried Piper's Pies on Tuesday night, an Australian pie shop located along the same row of restaurants as Corduroy & Finch and Ubin Seafood, along Bukit Timah Road. The place has potential, but it was deserted on a Tuesday night at 8 pm. They close at 9, so most of their pies were sold out. It's probably more of a lunch place too, because having just one pie for dinner isn't exactly filling or satisfying.

I had the Piper's Pie, which was puff pastry with minced beef - your standard classic minced meat pie. It was a tad boring but quite tasty, and the puff pastry was nice and light but not overly crumbly. Peter's Pie is apparently the same filling, but with mashed potato instead, i.e. a shepherd's pie. A had the chicken with white wine pie, and we both agreed that his was better than mine. It was quite generous with chicken chunks, most of which were pretty tender, and the creamy white wine sauce wasn't too heavy or gelak. They have a chicken and asparagus pie on the menu but it was unfortunately sold out.

They've got a pretty decent dessert menu as well, but since we had ice cream and cheesecake at home, we passed on dessert this time. I definitely wouldn't mind coming back here again for a light meal, or perhaps even to take out some pies to store in the freezer as an emergency meal.

A says:

A bit pricey but you pay for quality. There's a good selection of pies and the desserts don't look bad. Place is clean and simple while service is decent and friendly. Definitely a place to go if you like pie. But since I'm not a big pie fan (unless it's pizza pie), I probably won't be back for a while.


Melven said...

Got to stay away from those unhealthy pies.

-- unfaithful reader

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of trivia I came across when looking for shepherd's pie recipes.
Shepherd's pie is actually lamb with mashed potato, which is quite logical, since shepherds shepherd sheep.
And beef pie with mashed potato is called cottage pie.